With Chloe at a loose end, Tane suggested that she could help out with doing the accounts at the gym, and Leah was happy to give her a crash course in doing the books. She insisted on bringing Matthew over for dinner in the hope that everyone would get along but Mia quickly ended up leaving upset. 2023 Back to the Bay, a Rust Publishing publication. Rachel Young arrived in late May, followed by Cash Newman in June. Chloe had already clashed with Salts barman Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich), after he refused to serve her without ID at Salt, but their rivalry grew when Chloe impressed Mackenzie (Emily Weir) with her own cocktail skills and scored herself a job alongside him. Oh, the exits. Further, Anderson has one sibling Kauri Parata. She had lived with the Paratas from an early age when her mother Mia was the partner of Ari, who considered her his stepdaughter, but had been taken away by Mia when Ari was sent to jail. Chloe bonded with Theo as they took some time out from the bay, and the two ended up returning home and sleeping together. So I'm home and I hate it. Ironically, it led to her finally clearing the air with Theo. Chloe and Ryders constant squabbling was frustrating to Nik and Bella as the four spent time together, and whilst they resisted attempts by Nik and Bella to be friends with one another, Ryder suggested that they fake getting along in front of them. She had said goodbye to Summer Ba to be with her mom in New Zealand. During the turmoil, Chloe got to know Ryder better, and the two eventually started dating secretly before Nik caught them kissing. She and Ryder went to the hospital together when Martha and Tane both suffered organophosphate poisoning but decided to break up. A new storyline on air in Australia has seen Chloe become worryingly fixated on Bella as she struggles to cope with the tragic death of Ari Parata. When Bella stops by the Parata house to collect the rest of her personal belongings, Chloe confronts her over her decision to dump Nikau. You can change your choices at any time by visiting your privacy controls. Nikau is hesitant to be so generous. All rights reserved. Chloe is horrified when she learns that Mia wants to leave Summer Bay - and take her away. Chloe, who has been living with Bella, Dean and Ziggy at the Astonis' farmhouse in recent days, also refused to go back home. Fredericktown MO-Madison Tigre Echeverry 63376-5232 Ecker Nataleigh Elmo 64445-8179 Ederle 63129-7108 Edler . After initial shock, Chloe ended up on good terms with her again. Chloe acknowledged later that she had not actually asked Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) for permission to use the diner kitchen after hours when she had informed Ryder that they could use it to prepare the meal. Chloe left Summer Bay for New Zealand in tonights episode after Tane (Ethan Browne) sent her away for her own protection. They were kept captive in a shipping container overnight by men who turned out to be enemies of the Parata brothers. Ziggy managed to get them a truck but they were turned down for a loan: However, Alf, Roo and Marilyn lent them the start-up costs. Intrigued, Nik read it and was in tears as he told Bella that theyd been played for months. He is the nephew of Owen Dalby, Owen Davidson, Roo and Duncan Stewart and he is also the cousin of Ric Dalby, Bryce Stewart and Martha MacKenzie. First look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5. As they spent some time away from the bay, Chloe and Theo became closer, and they ultimately went home and spent the night together. She then headed to the Parata house for a reunion with Ari and Tane, who agreed to let her stay on condition she told Mia. Chloe tried to take the emphasis off herself by telling the family that Nik was hurting after Aris passing, but Nik was starting to see through her. Is there a chance Mackenzie and Emmett will pick-up where they left off on Home and Away? Even when others do not agree! Ryder went to ask Mackenzie for their jobs back butChloe found out Mackenzie had miscarried Aris child and rushed to stop Ryder, only for her attempt to give her condolences to result in Mackenzie throwing everyone out. Chloe Andersons behaviour has taken a disturbing turn in recent episodes of Home and Away airing in the United Kingdom. In Monday's episode on Channel 7, Chloe's behaviour finally started to have the opposite effect as she began to test Bella's patience. Ryder acknowledged that although they had third-party insurance in place, he had not yet taken care of insurance on the van, leaving them liable to Alf, Roo, and Marilyn. However, she soon realized that leaving the bay was the best thing to do for her own protection. First-look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5. Ari's brother Tane becomes concerned over Mia's plans to leave, aware that she has been struggling with her mental health recently. They were caught out by Leah and Justin but did a deal to carry on using the Diner in return for Leah and Irene getting a share of the profits. Before Chloe took things too far by alleging she had seen a rat in Salt, which required Mac to close down for an inspection, the rivals tried to outdo one another. He asked Nik to help him draft a speech. After a few hours of tension, mother and daughter come together to talk about how they feel. She had covertly put the money in storage. Mackenzie suddenly sacked Chloe, saying they had too much staff, and Chloe was angry that Ryder had known she was planning to do it and not warned her. For weeks, Chloe used Bella and Nik as props as she hung onto her new best friend, staging breakdowns to guilt-trip Bella into paying attention. A recent Australian episode of Home and Away saw what is believed to be Chloe Anderson's last appearance. Back on good terms with Mac, Ryder resumed work at Salt whilst Chloe took a job at the diner. Simon is also co-author of The Treasures Of Coronation Street (Carlton Books). Backstory Chloe was raised by her single mother, Mia and has never met her father, who Mia has walked out on. Chloe accepted Nikau and Bella would want to be alone and began spending time with Ryder. Chole made her impression on the series in the 1783 episode. Mia agreed to stay put, but it was obvious that she was only doing it to help Chloe, which only made their relationship worse. The season premiere was Ep 7476 (1 Feb 2021) and the season finale was Ep 7713/7714/7715 (25 Nov 2021). However, they went to the hospital when Ari was run over by Paul and Chloe got Ryder and Nikau to help her move back into the Paratas. Chloe and Ryder were on their way to a night out when they saw Nik and Bella being loaded into a vehicle and taken away. One of the first people she met in town was Ryder, who refused to serve her a cocktail without ID. Mia urged Bella to watch out for Chloe after the burial because she was the only person except the family to have discovered the truth about Matthews passing. show news and site updates. Mia initially wanted nothing to do with Ari, even after he broke up with Mac after realising he was still in love with Mia, with the kidnapping only showing that he was still involved with criminal activity. She avoided a family meal Mia had organised, telling Nikau the day had changed, then lied to Bella about seeing Mia when in fact she had had lunch with Theo, resulting in Bella kicking her out. Matthew encouraged her to attend business school and she made plans to go and live with him in the city. Chloe and Theo, who previously had a short-lived romance, hit the road out of Summer Bay to escape their respective troubles. Chloe Anderson (played by Sam Barrett) and Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) are both in a bad space at the moment on Home and Away (1:15pm - see our TV Guide for listings). She sent him away, since Mia had always told her that her father wanted nothing to do with her, but realised it was true when she quizzed Mia and Ari. The 34th season of Home and Away began airing on 1 February 2021. Thank you for signing up to Whattowatch. Ryder Jackson ex-boyfriend Theo kissed Chloe Who is Chloe's father? Her spending all her time with Nikau began to upset Bella, leading to a vicious argument between the two girls. As Mia Andersons leaving plotline airs, the storyline reaches its first major turning point. Tex (Lucas Lineham) first arrived in Summer Bay as Marilyns (Emily Symons) handyman, but it was soon revealed that hed been sent into the beachside town by the gang of bikies who were trying to track Ari down. Sam Barrett Home and Away has hinted that Chloe Anderson's behaviour is becoming a cause for concern after the recent death of Ari Parata. Instead, she was convinced to apply for a job at the Diner, although she felt insulted that she had to submit a CV. Ryder resumed work at Salt once he and Mac had patched things up, and Chloe took a position at the diner. Fortunately for Chloe, not everyone is against her, as she grows closer to Theo, who is much more forgiving and hopeful that they may still be friends. Chloe sees Nikau as a rival for Bella's attention and wants him out of the picture. The pair are sure to be caught up in the. Chloe also revealed that she'd taken the liberty of writing up an important part of Bella's assignment for her, wanting to keep "helping". Chloe then told Nik that she had only slept with Theo because she had been upset by his and Bellas conduct, seizing the chance to play the pity card. Chloe is horrified when she learns that Mia wants to leave Summer Bay and take her away too. Mia ultimately decides that she wouldn't be able to part with her daughter, so will stay in the Bay and find a coping mechanism. Leah unsuccessfully tried to persuade her to reapply to business school so Tane suggested she do the admin work at the gym, while she gave Theo useful pointers for his assignment. However, Bella soon came to terms with the fact that the couple would need their own space and began to focus on Ryder. Home And Away Soap Opera Wiki. Ryder was somewhat put out by the new kid on the block, and things only got worse when Chloe organised a surprise 21st birthday party for Ryder and asked Theo to make sure Ryder got there. Heading for a night out with Nik and Bella, Chloe and Ryder witnessed the pair being bundled into a van, before they too were kidnapped. She was initially unimpressed when Ryder resigned in solidarity, but they ended up spending the night together for the first time and then the next day. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll email you once a week with the latest Although his parents had given her money to seek an abortion, Mia left town since she was unable to complete the procedure. The rivals attempted to outdo each other, before Chloe took things too far by claiming shed seen a rat in Salt, forcing Mac to close down for an inspection. The 21-year-old actor, who plays Chloe Anderson, says filming her first murder scene - where she bashes her father Matthew ( Total Control's James Sweeny) over the head with a brick - was more. By signing up, you give consent for Back to the Bay to use your email address for the purpose of sending you our newsletters. This left her without an outlet, since she refused to burden Mia with her troubles because she blamed herself for Mias upset. Home and Away's Chloe Anderson reacts badly to her mum's exit plan on UK screens next week. Despite Ari being in a relationship with Mac at the time, Chloe had been trying to arrange a date for Mia and Ari. Heres how it works. The men Ari stole the money from have tracked his family to Summer Bay more than ten years later, and even though Ari has long passed away, they still want their money back. Chloe was nearby and was impaled through the abdomen by a piece of metal, but soon recovered following surgery. She was born on March 13, 2000. He agreed to let her stay after an emotional reunion with Ari in the first week of 2021 on the condition that she let Mia know. Theo (Matt Evans) became Chloes new companion and hero in shining armor, helping her to send the orders on time. Rust Publishing Ltd, 103 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5NZ. Alf returns and clashes with daughter Roo over Kieran on Home and Away Emmett seems pleased to see Mackenzie again on Home and Away. As Nik began to see through her, Chloe suggested to the family that it was Nik who was struggling in the wake of Aris death, thus taking the focus off her. The friendships have gradually been restored over the past weeks, and Chloe and Theo grew closer. This has included trying to drive a wedge between Bella and her boyfriend Nikau Parata. Chloe told Ari the truth which led to him confessing to killing Matthew after Mia was discovered trying to hide the body. She wasnt sure how to react when it was suspected for a time that a body found in the sea was Mackenzie, getting snapped at by Ryder. As a result, Mia decides to leave Summer Bay permanently and travel to New Zealand to visit Aris other relatives. Chloe reckons Bella has overreacted and should give Nikau another chance. When the two realized they needed more money, they made the decision to launch a food delivery business. was such a pleasure to work with you , As Chloe says goodbye, we take a look back at her eventful year and a half in Summer Bay. Chloe realised she couldnt pursue her relationship with Theo while still manipulating Bella. She was devastated when only a few weeks later, Mia lost the baby in a car accident. But Mia realised where her heart lied when Ari ended up in a coma, and Tane convinced her to give him another chance, much to Chloes delight. Keep up to date with all the latest Home and Away and Neighbours spoilers and sign up to our weekly newsletter. Chloe and Ryder made the decision to launch a Mexican food truck in order to make the most of their complementary skills. As Ryder drowned his sorrows, Chloe instead opted to spend the evening with Theo, with a drunken Ryder later picked up by Tane as security prepared to throw him out. Chloe wasnt amused when Ryder fell foul of Niks prank, where he unknowingly told Ari how bad a person he was. As Ryder blamed Chloe for the mishap, she committed another faux-pas by presenting vegetarian Maz with a meat platter by way of an apology. Events came to a head when Bella woke up to find Chloe cooking breakfast for her. You have entered an incorrect email address! Read more Home and Away spoilers on our dedicated homepage. She had lived with the Paratas from an early age when her mother Mia was the partner of Ari, who considered her his stepdaughter, but had been taken away by Mia when Ari was sent to jail. However, after working out their problems, the two agreed to stay in Summer Bay together. Keep up to date with all the latest Home and Away and Neighbours spoilers and sign up to our weekly newsletter. Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. Get the latest BTTB updates and Home and Away news first by following us on Twitter. After an emotional reunion with Ari in the first week of 2021, he allowed her to stay on the condition that she inform Mia, who promptly travelled to Summer Bay herself to collect Chloe. Realising that they needed more income, the two decided to start up a food delivery service. Login or Sign-up to show all important data, death records and obituaries absolutely for free! Theo followed Chloe outside even though he had been ignoring her while watching her games and adopted a compassionate stance. Click Manage settings for more information and to manage your choices. As the last moments air, Chloe Anderson leaves Home and Away. Despite their true connection, she then appealed for sympathy with Bella by falsely claiming that sleeping with Theo was a huge mistake. Ziggy and Deans Home and Away exits confirmed, Home and Away Spoilers Malis sister Elandra arrives in Summer Bay, Home and Away Spoilers Tex derails Felicity and Tanes wedding, Home and Away Spoilers Bree and Remi face off against Jacob, Home and Away Spoilers Gabe discovers he has cancer, Chloe Anderson leaves Home and Away as final scenes air. Her fears about Mias pregnancy came true when she suffered a miscarriage after being in a crash with Dean and Nikau. and Digital Spy. She's the best friend of Nikau Parata, Bella Nixon and Theo Poulos Jr.. She's also the stepdaughter of Ari Parata and the ex-girlfriend of Ryder Jackson. Chloe eventually told a distraught Mia that she could no longer be around her since she felt suffocated by her presence and felt bad for asking her to stop. History began to repeat itself as Chloe chose to spend more and more time at Theos place rather than go home, and Justin and Leah eventually pointed out that they needed some space. Chloe Anderson (played by Sam Barrett) is never shy to voice her opinion on Home and Away (Channel 5, 6.00pm - see our TV Guide for listings). Determined that Ari should die with no regrets, Mia arranged for them to get married in the hospital, with Chloe acting as bridesmaid. Home and Away Poulos family now triple divorce, co-star romance and stillbirth tragedy, Home and Aways Logan Bennett to be drawn into stabbing aftermath, Home and Away 7982 WED 1st MARCH 2023 HD Episode, Home and Away 7981 TUE 28th FEBRUARY 2023 HD Episode, Home and Away 7980 MON 27th FEBRUARY 2023 HD Episode. Whilst Mia agreed to stay put, it was plain to see that Mia was only doing so for Chloes benefit, and it only caused further strain on their relationship. Home and Away's Chloe Anderson has risked alienating her friend Bella Nixon in sad new scenes. Chloe is not impressed when she realises Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) is trying to avoid members of the Parata family after her break-up with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo). The new kid on the block had Ryder feeling a little uneasy, and things only got worse when Chloe threw him a surprise 21st birthday party and instructed Theo to make sure he showed up. Seeing an opportunity to play the sympathy card, Chloe later claimed to Nik that shed only slept with Theo because she was hurt by his and Bellas actions. He's the best friend of Ty Anderson, Bella Nixon and Nikau Parata. Chloe has wanted to spend every second she can with Bella after Aris death, believing that she is the only person who understands what she is going through. If you've been affected by the issues raised in this story, organisations who can offer support include Samaritans on 116 123 (www.samaritans.org) or Mind on 0300 123 3393 (www.mind.org.uk). Ari was the only father figure that Chloe had ever known, and she was devastated when, at 9 years old, Mia suddenly moved them away claiming that Ari wanted nothing more to do with them. However, this earned her a serve from Leah for the way she treated him and Bella soon distanced herself again when Chloe complained about her not answering calls. As Chloe looked forward to a new chapter in her life, Nik was soon to find out the full nature of Chloes deceit, when he knocked her journal off a table and a photo of Bella fell out. Home and Away has hinted that Chloe Anderson's behaviour is becoming a cause for concern after the recent death of Ari Parata. She expressed her concerns that history would repeat itself but gave her blessing to them to keep trying. Chloe and Bella (Courtney Miller), Niks girlfriend, began to argue as Chloe spent more time with Nik. He gave her the money to pay off her half of the debts and buy Ryder out of the catering business. Share Your Memories and Sympathies and Join the Bereaved! Court five quickly followed suit with Carra Sassack and Chloe Charles defeating the FIU pair 21-17 and 21-18 in their. Rust Publishing Ltd, 103 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5NZ. [1] Susie McAllister, Chloe Anderson and Mia Anderson were introduced during the same month. Although she hadnt, the two realised that their relationship wasnt working, and split up.